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Our products are available in these fifteen elastomers:
fluocarbon, nitrile, hydrogenated nitrile or HNBR, ethylenepropylene, silicone, fluorosilicone, cloroprene, polyacrilate, polyurethane, butyl, styrene-butadiene, Hydrin, Hypalon, Aflas. Compounds with colour identification: fluorocarbon green, brown, HNBR green, epdm violet. KSA seals are available in 340 compounds.

Those compounds resist most fluids from sour crude to aircraft fuel. Our compounds perform at temperature -60°C a +310°C, and meet ASTM, SAE, UL, FDA, NSF and commercial specifications.

KSA plastic materials offer solutions in application where temperature, lubrication, corrosion, friction and wear are critical factors.

In application requiring compatibility with food products and pharmaceutical, KSA materials are formulated to meet FDA and NSF requirements.

Materials: vergin ptfe, modified ptfe blu color, bronze filled, glass filled, glass MoS2 filled, carbographite, UHMW, Peek, nylon and pom.
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